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TSG Staff Members

Group Manager
Andy Neely
Matt keeps erasing my bio entries! "Not enough drama." he tells me.

Group Members
Beth Roberts
Caleb Bonyun
I have a passion for education and all things physics.

Former Members
Matt Strafuss

Matt left the group in 2013 to take a position as an applications engineer at Corista LLC.
Alex Shvonski
In his time with TSG, Alex was extremely driven and efficient. From course development to public outreach, from filming to teaching, there was nothing Alex wasn't involved in and no task he couldn't do.
Alex left the group in 2012 to study at Boston College.
Eli Sidman
In many ways Eli was responsible for the new face of TSG. His initial videos posted on TechTV and photography posted on flickr created the media foundation for TSG's website and public outreach. Additionally, Eli used his creative talents to make some beautiful contributions to TSG's demonstration collection.
Eli left the group in 2011 to study at The Art Institute of Chicago.
Bil Sanford
As a group member, Bil was instrumental in retaining knowledge of demonstrations during the reorganization and modernization of the "Physics Lecture Demo Group" into what is now TSG.
Bil left the group in 2010 and currently studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.