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Welcome to The MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group website.

About TSG
The Technical Services Group (TSG) at MIT's Department of Physics provides technical and teaching support for undergraduate courses at MIT. Our many rooms of physics demos, accumulated over the past century, display subtle physics concepts ranging from electromagnetism, to kinematics, to optics.

The undergraduate physics courses at MIT include lecture courses, as well as the Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) studio classroom courses. For more information on the MIT Department of Physics visit their website, or see MIT OpenCourseWare to download free course materials.

We provide support for most variants of 8.01, 8.02 and 8.03 classes in the form of:

  • Demonstration setup, execution and breakdown

  • Laboratory setup, execution and breakdown

  • TEAL classroom teaching assistance

  • General TEAL room support and maintenance

Additionally we occasionally provide some of the above services for departmental open houses, graduations and other special events.

Random Cool Demonstration!

Lenz's Law (H 16)

Keyword: Electromagnetic Induction
One aluminum tube and one plexiglas tube are mounted on a vertical stand. Two apparently identical bobs are dropped through the tubes at the same time. One bob takes several seconds longer to fall through. One bob is strong magnet. As it falls through the aluminum tube it induces an electric field which in turn generates a magnetic field of its own, slowing the fall of the magnetic bob. The bobs can be reversed and they fall at the same rate. In 26-100 the TV projection system has to be used.