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2013 Cambridge Science Festival !

Join members of Technical Services Group (TSG) on April 20th for some fun and exciting physics demonstrations as they share their passion for science with you and your family. There will be eight mini presentations (one every half hour) as well as tables full of interactive demonstrations. MIT students will be on hand to help children learn the science behind the toys.


Alex Exits
Over the past 2 years Alex has done everything from redesign TEAL experiments to extend TSG's public outreach. He was a vital member of the TSG team that seemed to find and correct problems before anyone noticed they were there.

Alex departs to pursue his PhD at Boston College. We wish him well.


TSG on YouTube
By popular demand! TSG is now on YouTube.

Follow us by clicking here!


TSG @ MIT Museum
TSG present at the Inaugural Marvin Grossman Vacation Week Science Special

On February 25th Members of TSG hosted a public event at The MIT Museum to provide an apex to local school vacation week.
For more information on MIT Museum programs visit their website.


Eli's Departure
In many ways Eli was responsible for the new face of TSG. His initial videos posted on TechTV and photography posted on flickr created the media foundation for TSG's website and demonstration database.

Additionally, Eli had a significant talent in machining and woodworking which helped him create some beautiful additions to our collection of demonstrations.
Eli is now attending The Art Institute of Chicago.
We wish him luck.


Anna Frebel
Dr. Anna Frebel, astrophysicist & ice skater, demonstrates angular momentum!


TSG's 3rd annual CSF event!
The Cambridge Science festival seems to have snuck up on us this year but Alex and Eli have been hard at work to improve on last year's success.

Join us on Saturday April 30th from 11 to 3pm in 26-152 for our annual Demonstration Exposition.
For more information on the Cambridge Science Festival visit their website or check them out on facebook.


TurningPoint Linux tool
For those using Linux but needing to generate TurningPoint reports, you may find TSG's TPExtractor helpful.
click here to get the install script
The script should work with most distros and is accessible from the education section of the gnome applications menu once installed (or execute "TPExtractor" from the command line).
contact Matt for help or comments.


Bil's departure
For the first time in nearly 10 years, TSG (formerly Physics Lecture Demo) will be operating without Bil.
Bil has left to the group to take a new position, we wish him luck.


TSG's 2nd Annual CSF event received huge turnout!
TSG's 2010 Cambridge Science Festival event hit the ground running easily exceeding last year's turnout!

Check out photos and video clips of the event here.

For more CSF events visit their website or follow them on facebook.


Cambridge Science Festival 2010
TSG is hosting a CSF event again this year.
time and date: April 25 from 10am-3pm

Facebook event page

CSF has discussed our event on their blog.

Here's the CSF promo video for our event:

More information about CSF can be found at their website and on their facebook page.

In case you missed it, here are images from last year's TSG hosted event.


TSG Photos featured on redesigned MIT Engineering
Eli's grinding wheel sparks photo and a photo of Bil inspecting a gyroscope are among the rotating images on the new MIT Engineering homepage. Quotations from the MIT community and famous engineers are overlaid on the images.


Demonstration Cart Tool Added
TSG has recently created a demonstration cart tool intended to aid in class preparation but can also be used for non-class related purposes.
links to the Cart tool will be present on the acedemic tools page and in the upper right corner of the TSG site you can also follow this link.

Functionality to add demos to a cart from demo lists is now added.


TSG Videos featured on new MIT News site
Three videos have been featured on the front page so far:

Eli walking the chain
Bil flinching at the breaking wine glass
and Matt torturing balloon animals

Watch them all on the MIT News multimedia page.


TEAL room refit
The Refit of TEAL room 1 (26-152) is near complete. the Refit includes new computers running a customized Linux image allowing for remote desktop sharing, file transfer and enhanced control inside the classroom environment.
Plans are currently in the works to execute a similar refit of TEAL room 2 in preparation for the upcoming spring semester.


TSG at The Cambridge Science Festival

TSG's Cambridge Science Festival Physics Demonstration Exhibition was a great success.
See TSG's media from the event here.


Eli is on
Eli continues to add to his internet micro-celebrity status.


Demonstration List Tool
The new tool will allow visitors to access demonstration lists from previous semesters through the website.
This tool can be accessed here or by clicking the "Previous Demonstration Lists" link in the left column.


Cambridge Science Festival

TSG will be hosting an event for the Cambridge Science Festival on May 2nd from 10am to 3pm.
For details, see our event page here or visit the Cambridge Science festival.


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