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Projects and Classes supported by TSG

Projects and Classes commonly supported by TSG

Undergraduate Lecture courses
Lectures are the traditional format for teaching a subject like physics. However at MIT a Professor does not simply work the chalk boards, they operate our demonstrations in an effort to provide spectacular examples to solidify lecture topics.
for more information on previous lectures supported please visit MIT OpenCouseWare. For a more direct means of viewing our demonstrations in action you can view lectures given by:

Click here for Demonstration Lists to previous classes

Technology Enabled Active Learning
TEAL is The Physics Department's integration of a studio format learning environment into introductory physics courses pioneered by Professor John Belcher. The intention is to shrink lectures into multiple small block presentations broken up by various in class activities. Additionally students are organized into groups and encouraged to collaborate within the class.
In class activities include:

  • Demonstrations
  • Labs
  • Group problems
  • Computer Simulations
  • Concept questions with live polling feedback
for more information on TEAL follow this link or visit the course home pages:

Other events TSG provides support for include:
  • Department of Physics open houses
  • Department of Physics Graduation receptions
  • Various seminars or one time lectures given by Physics Department faculty
Media from Past TSG aided events